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The Bat is Back

In the "Cult of Escapism": The Bat is Back

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Bat is Back

I don’t know how many rounds are left but I can tell we’ll be going the distance.

Another Try
After about two weeks out of site, I returned home to a floor adorned with bat poop. Before I left, things had been quiet and I thought the fight was over – apparently we were just between rounds.

Two nights in a row, I had 2 AM duels involving me fruitlessly swinging a broom at a bat who answered by eating fruit and then pooping on the ground. Clearly I needed a new tactic.

Combining traditional and modern ideas, I ground up a bat-proofing leaf found here in the Comarca, mixed it with crushed garlic and spread it across the space between roof and wall. I also taped strips of aluminum foil the length of the ceiling, having heard that bats don’t like the shiny silver and may even cut their wings on the edges.

Between the Roof and the Wall

Once again*, the bat flew over the smelly piles and between the strips of aluminum. He may have paused to check his reflection in the foil. And yes, he pooped on the floor.

I’m going to the city tomorrow and intend to buy bat poison. Hopefully, I can also find a flamethrower.

*If you haven’t yet, read A Losing Battle at


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What a nusiance!


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