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I Actually Scored a Goal

In the "Cult of Escapism": I Actually Scored a Goal

Monday, July 25, 2011

I Actually Scored a Goal

(Note: Read the post right before this and this will make more sense.)

I scored a goal this week. In like the first three minutes of the game. Heres how it went:

I get the ball and am "dribbling" down the field. Guy challenges me near the goal line and it ends up off his foot out of bounds. Corner kick.

A fellow striker lines up the kick. I get near the goal, dead center. He kicks it, I shuffle back a few steps and get right under it, jump, header, it bounces past the defenders and goalkeeper. Goal.

I scream and start running like they do on TV (why not), high fiving teammates as I go. Three fans faint. Six go into epileptic shock. A low flying plane crashes into a tree. Three women give birth simultaneously and each claim that the baby is mine.

Then I played a pretty mediocre half of soccer, got taken out and we lost 3-2. But hey, I had my moment. 


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